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Top 3 Reasons Why Professionals Prefer Our Team

  1. FIRST-CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE tailored to your individual real estate needs, we are here to help you succeed beyond your expectations!
  2. We possess an ESTABLISHED NETWORK of serious Buyers and Sellers, which has enabled us to successfully negotiate over $200,000,000 in Real Estate sales!
  3. Proven REPUTATION FOR SUCCESS with over 48 years of experience!

The Commercial Insiders have been specializing in the sales of Multi-Residential, Commercial, Development, Investment, and income properties for over a decade. We pride ourselves on being a professional, reliable and forward thinking team dedicated to supporting our clients, our community and our thriving city.

Our first priority is to be able to provide you with instant and convenient real estate services from our professional office located at 299 Lakeshore Drive in Barrie, which is just a short drive from Canada’s most populous city, Toronto. The City of Barrie has experienced tremendous growth in the last ten years stimulating a surge of demand within the real estate market. This has resulted in some very attractive cash flow opportunities for professionals to build a strong investment portfolio. By catching emerging market trends before our competitors, we have enabled our clients to realize ongoing growth and profitability.

Are you interested in owning an income producing property? Allow us to help you diversify your risk by investing within a group, such as a syndicate, joint venture or limited partnership. Given our position in the marketplace, we are highly experienced in representing this type of client and finding you the property that drives a sustainable return.

If you are thinking about the purchase, sale or lease of any ICI property, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

  • " Our investors were very pleased with the overall service we received, from the valuation work to the listing of the property and the subsequent sale a job well done. ... "

    5 Stars
    Larry D. Jones, C.P.A

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